Student life and student welfare

Student ombudsperson

The student ombudsperson is neutral and independent and will provide support to students with regards to their legal rights as students. The student ombudsperson has a duty of confidentiality, also with regards to the university college. All inquiries are treated with confidentiality. Help or support from the student ombudsperson is free of charge. Her name is Marit Elizabeth Sand Solvik, and she can be contaced on telephone +47 982 89 226 or email 

Booking an appointment with a student counsellor

Below you can book an appointment with a student counsellor (note that the admissions office is located in Bergen, but you can book counselling by telephone). Choose who you want to talk to, and when you have filled in the form, remember to click "Book" at the bottom of the page to complete the booking registration.

Due to the corona outbreak, all student counselling booked through the below pages will be held via telephone or Skype. If you book a counselling appointment through the web page you must provide your telephone number, which the student counsellor will contact you on at the appointed time. 

Student counselling Oslo

Student counselling Kristiansand

Student counselling Breistein

Student counselling Sandviken

Conversation and guidance service

Studying at a university college or university can be challenging in various ways. New knowledge may lead to us having to question the knowledge we had when we started to study. Do I dare to do that? How do I navigate here? For some people, the stress of doing assignments and exams can be difficult to deal with. In addition, questions about future choices often become relevant.

Some people struggle with close relationships. There may be questions linked to breaking away from parents or to relationships with boy/girlfriends or close friends. We also know that some people had difficult childhood and teenage experiences that still affect them. Traumas and invasive acts that a person has been subjected to can make the person lose concentration and become drained of energy. For some people, a change in circumstances will lead to changes in their faith. Existential and spiritual questions may become more relevant.

It has often proved useful to have someone to talk to when difficulties arise. To get help to sort out issues, put things into words and implement some measures that may make an important difference. If you want an intercessory prayer, you can also ask for this.

Those of us offering someone to talk to come from varied backgrounds. By following the links below the pictures, you will find contact information and a more detailed description of our expertise. You are welcome to contact us by email or phone. You can also grab hold of us in the corridor or knock on our doors. Naturally, we are subject to a duty of confidentiality.

You can contact any of us. Below is an overview of the study locations that we are at.



Sandviken and Breistein

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Inger Elisabeth Salvesen

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Petter A. Ekerhovd-Ottersen
Student chaplain and head of practice


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Synnøve Hysing-Dahl
Counsellor, practice adviser (early childhood education)


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Bjørn Hinderaker
Student chaplain and assistant professor

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Olga Kvitstein
Study advisor


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Jens Fredrik Brenne
Student chaplain


Student chaplains

Do you want to talk to someone about faith and spiritual life? You are very welcome to contact us to make an appointment. The student chaplain is subject to a full duty of confidentiality and it is up to you what you want to talk about – big or little issues. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Petter Ekerhovd-Ottersen is the student chaplain in Bergen, Bjørn Hinderaker is the student chaplain in Kristiansand and Jens Fredrik Brenne is the student chaplain in Oslo. Their contact information is stated above.    

Prayers and church services

Do you need a breather with an opportunity for spiritual replenishment in the middle of an often busy day? Both students and employees are welcome to prayer sessions and church services on NLA campuses. These gatherings take different forms and both students and employees are welcome to come along and put their stamp on these meetings. 


Adaptations to the study situation

If you require adaptations to your study situation, read more about these here.

Students in Bergen

Student Bergen is a student portal run by Study Bergen. Here you can find tips about mountain trips, places to bathe/swim at, museums, festivals and those arranging cultural events, in addition to other practical information.

The Study Bergen website contains a broad overview of student organisations and welfare services aimed at those studying in Bergen. In addition, you can find an up-to-date calendar showing various cultural events and arrangements.

Follow Study Bergen's Facebook pages for regular updates on student activities in Bergen.