Study contract

The study contract is between NLA University College and you as a student. The study contract is entered into between NLA University College and you as a student at NLA University College. The contract is part of your education plan and specifies what you as a student can expect from NLA University College and what we expect from you as a student. The contract is entered into when you approve your education plan on Studentweb.

NLA University College expects you as a student to

  • Keep up to date on the study plan and associated curricula for your study programme. This also applies to the time and scope of the obligatory teaching
  • Become familiar with the content of NLA's course information, including exam dates and the deadlines for paying tuition fees, registering for exams and applying for special adaptations for exams. It is your duty as a student to comply with these deadlines
  • Keep up to date on NLA University College's prevailing regulations. These apply to:
  • Regulations on Courses at NLA University College 
  • Guidelines supplementing the Regulations on Courses at NLA University College, including additional exam rules
  • The IT rules for NLA University College
  • Use StudentWeb actively. This means, among other things: 
  • Registering for semesters
  • Approving education plans when relevant
  • Registering/checking you have registered for subjects, teaching and assessments. Correct registration provides access to itslearning/Canvas in the subjects in question
  • Updating your personal data (telephone no./addresses)
  • Checking your financial status
  • Ordering a transcript of your grades
  • Use itslearning/Canvas actively. This means, among other things:
  • Regularly reading emails in your itslearning/Canvas inbox
  • Checking the itslearning/Canvas notice board each week
  • Keeping up to date about teaching plans and classroom allocations
  • Handing in assignments and reading feedback on assignments if it is stipulated that assignments are to be handed in on itslearning/Canvas
  • Obtaining an overview of handed in/not handed in answer papers and work requirements and the approval of these
  • Monitoring the absenteeism registered for subjects when relevant
  • Taking part in evaluating the teaching

You can expect NLA University College to

  • Offer teaching in accordance with approved plans for the study programmes
  • Publish teaching plans/semester plans and a calendar/classroom plan showing the agreed timetable and any changes
  • Keep students informed of any changes to study plans and subjects. It is NLA University College's responsibility to ensure that information on changes is provided within reasonable deadlines
  • Ensure that teachers and the administration keep the information on itslearning/Canvas as up to date as possible. This is to take place through: 
    • A notice board and message service that provide information and messages from the course administration and teaching staff
    • Feedback and approval of work requirements and assignments within reasonable deadlines
    • Ensure that reading rooms and computer rooms are accessible during opening hours as stated in the student guide or timetable booklet
    • Notify you in plenty of time and at the latest seven days before if the teaching has to be moved. In the case of illness and acute situations, this deadline may have to be waived
    • Provide study guidance and advice during the course
    • Make conditions suitable for an inclusive and active student environment
    • Make conditions suitable for good collaboration between students and employees