Remember the infection control rules

It is still important to remember to maintain good infection control.

The start of studies led to a national spotlight on infection among students. We experience that someone is worried. It is important that all students feel safe at their place of study, and therefore we must together take responsibility and show solidarity.

In the time ahead, we want to focus more clearly on compliance with guidelines for infection control. Employees will more actively than before remind both each other and students of compliance with the rules.

Here's what you need to do:

Keep at least one meter away - at all times

- Clean your hands when entering the premises and when entering and leaving a room

- Use disposable cloths and detergents to wash the chairs and tables you use during the day

- Follow friendly reminders about infection control rules

- Report to the reception if there is a lack of cloths / detergent / disinfectant

We also remind you of the following:

If you are diagnosed with infection, we ask you to report to us as soon as possible.
We also encourage you to avoid using public transport during rush hour.

Take care of each other!