Loan and reserve

Rules and regulations

• Library card:
  A library card is required in order to borrow items from the NLA library.
  For students, the student card is used as a library card
  Library users are responsible for ensuring that their contact information is correct.
• Items need to be returned within the due date: 
  Loan period for books: 4 weeks
  Books on the reading list: 2 weeks
  Journals: 2 weeks
  DVD: 3 days
  Reference books: may not be taken out of the library or reading areas.
• Library users are responsible for all borrowed material, and are not allowed to lend library material to a second party.
• Items can be renewed, as long as there is no waiting list. Documents with a waiting list need to be returned within the due date.
• You may reserve books that are checked out, but material that is available on the shelf may not be ordered or reserved.
• It is not allowed to bring library items out of the country.
• After receiving three reminders, you will be charged a fee to replace the document. 
• Lost items must be compensated. The fee for replacing a document is minimum 500 NOK.
• Failure to pay a fee will result in the suspension of library rights. The library may use legal recovery to ensure that the fee is paid.
• The borrower will have to pay for inter-library loan from libraries outside Norway


Renew your loans

My account in Oria gives you an overview of your loans and reservations, and from there you can renew your items. Items may be renewed in Oria for three loan periods.

Go to Oria and find the Sign in-button in the top right corner. Sign in with your NLA username and password. Go to My account, in the top right corner. Here you see the items you have on loan, and whether or not they are renewable. Interlibrary loans and items that have a waiting list cannot be renewed.


Ordering books or articles

If a book/article is not available in your library, it is possible to order it through Oria. Books that are available on the shelf cannot be requested.

If you want to borrow a book that is on loan by another patron, you may reserve the book and be put on a waiting list. You will need to log in, using your NLA username and password. Search for the book in Oria, click Get it and then Request. You will then get a confirmation that the request is sent. 
If you search All libraries and want to borrow a book or get a copy of an article that is not in the NLA library collection, the procedure is almost the same as above. Search for the book or article, click Get it and then Resource sharing request. The book or article will be mailed to your library, and you will be notified via text message or e-mail when it has arrived. 
Inter-library loan from libraries within Oria and Norway is free of charge. The library can borrow books from libraries outside Norway, but that may bring costs for shipping and handling, usually about 100 NOK per loan.
For inter-library loans, the rules and regulations of the library that owns the document apply. (Note that the fee charged for replacing a book may be higher at other libraries than at NLA University College)


Remote Student Library Service

If you attend a remote study program at NLA and live without reach of one of the NLA campuses, you may order books and have them delivered through the mail. In returning books by mail, you have to cover the return postage.

If the NLA library do no own the book you need, it is better to contact your local public library and have them order it for you.
We offer off-campus access to most of our electronic resources.