Children, media and worldviews

This interdisciplinary research group was established in 2014, in order to develop key academic and vocational competencies related to the whole thematic field children, media, and worldviews.

The initial aims were to develop a new half- year module for the early childhood education programme (established Spring 2018) and to write a research anthology (published 2018 in Norwegian by Cappelen Damm Akademisk). 

The work in the research group continues for a new four year phase (2018-2021), with publication of academic articles, development of learning resources, and the establishment of new modular units within other study programmes.


Margunn Serigstad Dahle (leader)

Grete Skjeggestad Meyer

Per Ivar Kjærgård

Trude Kyrkjebø

Bjørg Marit Nyjordet

Nina Skråmestø Nesheim

Øyvind Økland

Ingvild Thu Kro

Ingvard Bråten (HVL)