Christian school activities

The group aims to strengthen and promote R & D within Christian school activities through building expertise from master's level and up to the top expertise. The group will therefore also act as a competence group for supervision of master students and in connection with the senior lecturer program at NLA University College. It is a central objective to contribute to promote the individual's research competence and increase publications related to the theme.

The group is interdisciplinary where different department (and institutions) have relevance for Christian school activities.


The group will publish a anthology during 2018.


  • Njål Skrunes (Professor - NLA University College) leader
  • Gunhild Hagesæther (Professor - NLA University College)
  • Bjarne Kvam (Senior Lecturer - NLA University College) Deputy
  • Lars Gaute Jøssang (Professor - NLA University College)
  • Gunnar Innerdal (Associate Professor - NLA University College)
  • Margunn S. Dahle (Senior Lecturer - NLA University College)
  • Øyvind Fosse (PhD-candidate - NLA University College)
  • Asle Ystebø (Lecturer, MA student in management, NLA University College)
  • Signe Sandsmark (Senior Advisor, PhD in educational philosophy)
  • Egil Sjåstad (Docent - Fjellhaug International University College)
  • Øyvind Skjegstad (Senior Lecturer - Ansgar Theological University College)
  • Dag-Askild Bleka (School Developer, Lecturer)
  • Hilde Grimm (Headmaster, Lecturer)