Global journalism

NLA’s Research Group in Global Journalism was approved by the Vice Rector for Research and Development in November 2013 for the 5-year period 2014–18. Based in NLA’s Department of Journalism and Media Studies, the research group collaborates with researchers from several foreign institutions, especially Uganda Christian University and the University of KwaZulu-Natal (Durban, South Africa).


The research group focuses on contemporary issues within Global Journalism, especially related to Media and Social Justice. Four research conferences/seminars have been arranged. The first took place in Mukono, Uganda in August 2014 with the theme «Building capacity for changing media/journalism/communication environments in Africa» (in collaboration with the East African Communication Association). The second conference was arranged in Kristiansand, Norway in October 2015 with the theme «Global Journalism Symposium 2015: Values Shaping Our Future». The third conference was arranged in Kampala, Uganda in August 2016 with title «Media and Communication in the Age of Regionalism» (collaboration with Uganda Christian University, Makerere University and the East African Communication Association). The fourth and final gathering was a closed research workshop (by invitation) in Kristiansand, Norway in June 2017 with the theme «Media and Social Justice».


The research group in Global Journalism is behind two academic publications. The first consisted of a special issue of the Journal of African Media Studies in December 2016 («Building capacity for a changing media environment in Africa: A focus on training needs and gender concerns»; JAMS 8(3)). The second publication is a research anthology planned published in 2018 with the working title «Media and Social Justice in Africa».


The activities in the research group are closely connected to the bilateral project «Building Capacity for a Changing Media Environment in Uganda» (supported by the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation/Norad).



Dr. Terje Skjerdal, Associate Professor NLA University College (leader),

Dr. Carol Azungi Dralega, Associate Professor

Mrs. Liv Iren Hognestad, Assistant Professor NLA University College

Mr. Kåre Melhus, Associate Professor NLA University College

Prof. Oddgeir Tveiten

Dr. Chris Wales, Associate Professor NLA University College