The Kierkegaard Group

Purpose and intent

The purpose of the group is to write scientific articles in anthologies and in international journals. Each of the members has previously worked with Kierkegaard’s thinking and written articles and scientific work in connection with his thinking, but the purpose is now to write together, from different professional point of view. We read and discuss various works from Søren A. Kierkegaard's authorship and view these in light of current educational issues. Kierkegaard is a thinker and author who has worked on the great existential issues of life. In this way, his thinking will contribute to a pedagogical reflection that has existence as its fulcrum. The group meets a couple of times during the semester.


Professor Svein Rise (leader), NLA University College
Professor Solveig M. Reindal, NLA University College 
Reader Stein Wivestad, NLA University College