Religion and culture

The research group, with members holding competence within the fields of Theology, Science of Religion, Philosophy and Science of Culture, is each year arranging a symposium on a theme in the crossing point of religion and culture. In the present cultural situation this is a field of burning issues, nationally as well as internationally, which we deem important to thematize in a serious, interdisciplinary discussion. In the symposium the members of the group and occasionally invited researchers present papers on various question connected with the general theme of the actual meeting. The collected papers from the 2009 symposium were published in a volume with the title Religion og kultur (Religion and Culture). In 2014 the anthology with the title Religionen og verdigrunnlaget for samfunnet. Studiar til grunnlovsjubileet 2014 (Religion and the Value Basis of Society. Studies on occasion of the Centenary of the Norwegian Constitution 2014) was published (a German edition was published in 2015). An anthology with the working title What on earth is ‘religion’? Religion, the name and the concepts is planned for 2019. 


Senior lecturer Hans Bringeland, NLA University College (leader)

Professor em. Arve Brunvoll,, NLA University College

Professor Kåre Berge, NLA University College

Senior lecturer  Mona Helen Farstad, NLA University College

Senior lecturer Gunnar Innerdal,, NLA University College

Doctoral Research Fellow Inge Andersland, NLA University College

Professor Nils Gilje, AHKR, Universitey of Bergen//OsloMet