The UE-research group: The database «Upbuilding Examples»


The purpose is to develop the Norwegian database, a free access database on the internet containing descriptions of works of art: pictures, films, music and texts that may be starting points for adults who want to be built up as models for children.

Target group

Each art work that is included, can initiate conversations among adults who are models for children: parents, caretakers, teachers, leaders of children’s activities and leaders in working life in general.

Content of the work

  • Select and describe works of art for the database.
  • Facilitate the experiencing of works of art and dialogues in groups of adults, and inspire others to voluntary efforts of proposing and describing new upbuilding examples.

Evaluate the development of the database in a critical way, reflecting on our choices and studying the practice in some groups: their choice of content, their organization, process and experiences.

Gunnvi Sæle Jokstad (Assistant professor, NLA University College)
Linnéa Jermstad (Assistant professor, NLA University College)
Ståle Johannes Kristiansen (Professor, NLA University College)
Agnethe Kristiansen (HR sjef i DK Skadesenter, Drammen)
Ane Malene Sæverot (Assistant professor, NLA University College)
Stein M. Wivestad (Professor, NLA University College, leader of the group)
Øyvind Økland (Assosiate professor, NLA University College)