Education & Existence(3)

The Education & Existence (E&E) research group was established in the autumn of 2019. The academic focus of E&E is on general pedagogy, but with a broad interface with other disciplines. ‘Education’ reflects the research group’s orientation towards general pedagogical issues within early learning, schools and childhood. ‘Existence’ is concerned with a worldview framed by Christian humanistic thinking in which the fundamental problems of pedagogy are elucidated.

E&E is organised into five subgroups/clusters, in which the members research various topics that affect fundamental pedagogical issues. These are: ‘The concept of person – the pedagogical self – The Kierkegaard Group’, ‘The concept of humanism in pedagogy’, ‘Humanistic and Christian values’, ‘Edifying examples’ and ‘Development of new didactic models’.  

Some of the subgroups have been active for several years, while others are in the planning and set-up phase. 


The members of the research group consist of academic staff from the pedagogy unit who possess sound knowledge from the field and advanced and varied competence in methodologies.

The concept of person – the pedagogical self – The Kierkegaard Group
Tomas Bokedal, Associate Professor
Harald Borgebund, Associate Professor
Solveig M. Reindal, Professor
Svein Rise, Professor Emeritus
Stein M. Wivestad, Teaching Professor Emeritus

The concept of humanism in pedagogy
Lars Gaute Jøssang, Professor
Britt-Marie Hovland, Associate Professor
Helje Sødal Kringleboten, Professor
Vegard Kvam, Professor

Humanistic and Christian values – in the planning stage 
Torgeir Landro, Associate Professor
Jostein Sæther, Professor

Edifying examples 
Gunnvi Sæle Jokstad, Assistant Professor 
Ane Malene Sæverot, Assistant Professor 
Anne Karin Rudjord Unneland, Assistant Professor 
Ståle Johannes Kristiansen, Professor 
Agnethe Kristiansen, Head of HR at DK Bilskadesenter
Vegard Schow, Assistant Professor
Øyvind Økland, Professor
Stein M. Wivestad, Teaching Professor Emeritus

Development of new didactic models – in the planning stage 
Catrine Borgen, Assistant Professor
Helga Bjørke Harnes, Assistant Professor 


Head of the research group: Solveig M. Reindal
Deputy head of the research group: Lars Gaute Jøssang
Vice Rector for Research and Development: Torgeir Landro

Published works 2019-2020 members, a selection