Before exams

First you have to register for exams by the deadline. This is your responsibility. You register for exams when you register for the semester on Studentweb. If you have problems please contact the exam responsible or the study administration on your campus. It is possible to change exam registrations until the deadline.


Important deadlines

  • By 1 September / 1 February: you must have registered for exams
  • By 15 February/ 15 September: you must have applied for any special adaptation for the exam or an external exam location by now if you need this.

Registering for and cancelling an exam

The deadline for registering for an exam in the spring semester is 1 February, while it is 1 September for an exam in the autumn semester.

You are responsible for registering for the exam (assessment). As a rule, you do so by registering for the semester in Studentweb by the stipulated deadline. The registration can be changed up to the registration deadline. If you do not see your exam on Studentweb, you must contact the exam office on your campus.

You must check Studentweb yourself to make sure that you are registered for the correct assessments. Studentweb also contains information on your candidate number and the time and place for the exam.

In order to take the exam, all the fees must have been paid and the obligatory work requirements must have been completed and passed. A fee is charged for late registration for an exam.

You can cancel the exam up to 14 days before the exam date. This is done in Studentweb. If you do not cancel by the deadline and do not turn up at the exam, this will count as one attempt.

Postponed/resit exam

If you cannot take an exam due to illness or other weighty welfare reasons, or you have to interrupt an exam for the same reasons, you must submit a medical certificate that covers the exam date in order for your absence to be valid and not counted as an attempt to take the exam. If it is impossible to submit a medical certificate on the actual exam date, it must be delivered or postmarked at the latest one week after the exam date.

If you have failed an exam, you are not normally entitled to resit it until the next ordinary exam is held. If a postponed exam is held, however, students who have failed may also register for this.  If you took an ordinary exam, you are also entitled to resit the exam before or in connection with a new semester if passing the exam is a requirement for further study progression. Registering for a resit/postponed exam is usually done in Studentweb. If you do not have access to do this, you can contact the exam office directly or fill in the registration form for a resit/postponed exam. You are responsible for registering by the stipulated deadline.

If you want to improve your grade, you can only do so in an ordinary exam. If your grade is improved, the best grade will be stated on your diploma. Fees may be charged for registering for a resit exam.

The form for registering for a resit/postponed exam can be found here.

Adaptations for exams

Information on adaptations that can be made for exams can be found here.

External university college exams

Exams are normally held at the study location to which the subject is linked. If you are unable to take the exam at the exam location, you can apply to take it elsewhere. The application deadline is the same as for applying for adaptations for exams, 15 September for the autumn semester and 15 February for the spring semester.

You are responsible for reaching an agreement with an approved exam location, informing NLA University College of this location's contact information and paying the costs of holding the exam there. It is a prerequisite that the exam can be arranged on the same day and at the same time as NLA University College holds the exam.

The form for applying to take the exam at an external location can be found here. 

Submission of Master’s thesis

New deadlines and procedures for the submission of Master’s thesis from October 2021:

Submission deadlines: 10 September, 10 November, 10 February and 10 May.

Procedures: View link below.

Procedure for submitting master's thesis.


Do you have any questions? Contact a study advisor.

For students at Breistein:

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Margun Mæstad
Study advisor


For students in Kristiansand:

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Vibecke Wales
Study advisor


For students in Oslo:

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For students in Sandviken:

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