Digital exams

Separate guidelines have been made for digital examinations at home for the study year 2021/2022 due to the corona situation. There are also guidelines for requirements for technical equipment, network and testing.

View the guidelines here.

Please note: the following information applies to digital school examinations on campus. In the spring semester of 2022 most of the school examinations will be held as digital school examinations at home.

To be able to sit a digital exam at NLA University College the students must have their own laptop.

Please note: students at Gimlekollen/Kristiansand will sometimes use NLA computers and computer rooms for exams. Consequently, students there will have to follow instructions from the study administration when it comes to the use of computers for digital exams.

If you are requested to bring and/or use your own PC for an exam, remember that the Safe Exam Browser (SEB) must be previously installed and tested at least one day before the exam. It is important to ensure that your FEIDE login is active before arrival. The username and password for FEIDE are the same as you use to access Canvas for NLA University College. Remember to bring your own charger if you sit the exam at NLA.

You will not be able to set a new password. If you have forgotten your username/password, and the latest version of SEB has not been installed on your own PC, you will have to use pen and paper for the exam. In addition you must have tried using DEMO written school exam.

It is not possible to use Chromebooks or iPad. 

If you use a school PC you follow the instructions regarding login procedure given in advance and on the day of the exam. 

Software requirements:

  • A PC must be equipped with Windows 8, 8.1 or 10. We recommend students to have a PC with Windows 10. (Windows 10 S is not supported.)
  • A Mac must be equipped with OSX 10.12 or a later version. We recommend students to have a Mac with OSX 10.13 or a later version.

You may use Chromebooks and Ipads during lessons, but these cannot be used for a school exam.

Preparations for a digital exam

Wireless network

It is important that you test your PC with the Eduroam network at NLA. You cannot use the NLA guest network during the exam, so your PC will have to work with Eduroam. A lot of work PCs will not function with the Eduroam network as they are often locked. If you have a work PC it is important to clarify if it can be used in good time before the exam. Please contact the IT department if you have questions.

Installing software

Students who are going to sit a digital exam at NLA have to make sure that their laptop works before the exam. You can log on to to take a test exam. Remember to use one of the web browsers that are supported. The following web browsers are supported:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari 
  • Microsoft Edge

Please note that Internet Explorer is not supported.

You must then install SEB (Safe Exam Browser).

It is important that you familiarise yourself with the use of Inspera before the exam.

The SEB browser must be installed before the exam. If not, you will not be able to use the PC. The alternative is to use pen and paper. If you have problems with the installation you can contact the IT department at or call 55 53 69 99.

Username and password

It is also important to remember the FEIDE username and password to avoid having problems logging on during the exam. If you have forgotten your password you can set a new password here. It takes two hours for the new password to be activated, so it must be done in good time before the exam. If you arrive at the exam and do not know your password, then you will have to use pen and paper.

Problems with your own equipment

If you have problems with your laptop it is possible to apply to borrow a PC for the exam. Send your application to This must be done in good time before the exam as there is no guarantee that we have PCs available. If there is no PC available for you to borrow you will have to take the exam by using pen and paper.