More about assignments

If you are to submit an assignment, you are meant to show how you can apply what you have learned to theoretical or practical problems. Here is some general advice.

There are various types of assignments:

  • Home exams
  • Home assignments
  • Project assignments
  • Reflection assignments
  • Semester assignments
  • Assessment folders
  • Bachelor theses

In the case of home exams, project assignments and other assignments, students must document their ability to apply theory to theoretical or practical problems. Students must document their ability to write an assignment that fulfils normal academic requirements as to content and form. We wish to particularly point out the requirement relating to the use of quotes and sources. You must be careful to clearly distinguish between your own words and those of others.

General advice

  • Give an account of and explain well the key concepts in the assignment text
  • Refer to factual knowledge of the subject area that the text relates to
  • Show independent reflection on issues raised by the assignment text
  • Show that you actually understand the content of sources and references that you use in the assignment
  • Check constantly that you are sticking to what the assignment asks for