More about university college exams

Here is more information on how written university college exams are held.

NLA University College written exams start at 9am and candidates must be in place by 8.30am.

Mobile phones, smart watches and other devices that can be connected to the Internet must be turned off and placed in a handbag/bag. Outer clothing and handbags/bags are to be placed at a stipulated location. Candidates may not wear watches.

You may only have the permitted books/aids with you. Permitted aids will be checked by the invigilators or course administration.

There must be peace and quiet in the premises and candidates may not have any contact with each other during the exam. During the exam, any communication must be with the invigilators. Signal with your hand if you need a sheet of paper, an exam aid or fresh air or if you have a question about something else, and one of the invigilators will help you.

You will be assigned a candidate number in the exam premises. You sign to acknowledge receipt of your assigned number and mark your answer paper with this number.  Your ID (student card, bank card, driving licence) must be on your desk throughout the exam.

After registration, you may only leave the exam premises together with an invigilator. Each invigilator may accompany up to two candidates and there should normally be two invigilators left in the exam room. The length of time outside the exam room must not exceed 10 minutes. You may buy items in the canteen but not stay there. Smoking may only take place at smoking sites. Before leaving the exam premises, you must cover sheets of paper you have written on. Candidates may not talk about the exam questions when on a break.

The answers must be written using a ballpoint pen on sheets of carbon paper that provide a copy. Make sure you can see what you have written on the copy sheet and that you do not place several sheets of carbon paper on top of each other.

When the exam is over, you have 15 minutes to sort your answer paper and fill in the top part of each sheet with the date, candidate number, sheet number, number of sheets and subject code. You should number the sheets consecutively to make it easier to get everything ready before submitting your answer paper.

When handed in, each sheet of your answer paper must be marked with your candidate number. The pages must be numbered consecutively and be in the right order. The front page of the cover sheets is to be filled in with the necessary information. The original copy and first copy are to be placed in separate cover sheets. You can take the second copy home with you.

The answer paper is to be handed to one of the invigilators, who will bring it to the lead invigilator together with your ID. Remain in your seat until your ID has been returned to you. You may then leave the premises.

You cannot submit your answer paper or withdraw from the exam during the first hour. A candidate who withdraws from an exam must fill in a withdrawal form. Candidates who leave an exam due to illness must fill in a withdrawal form in order to be entitled to take a postponed exam. Documentation of a valid absence must be submitted within a week. If you hand in your answer paper, you cannot take a postponed exam due to illness.

Waste, used draft paper, etc, may not be left on your desk when the exam is over. The exam rules and any unused paper are to be left on your desk.

The results will be published on Studentweb.