Degrees and diplomas

Graduation diploma

When you have completed a programme of study that leads to a degree or a vocational certificate, a diploma will be issued to you.

If you have completed the programme for teacher training, pre-school teacher training or the bachelor’s degree, we ask you to request your diploma on a separate form. On the form, you should include the address to which the diploma should be mailed and a deadline for forwarding, if applicable.

If you have completed a master’s degree programme you will receive the diploma automatically.

Diploma supplement

The Diploma Supplement is an additional document that accompanies all degree diplomas (bachelor’s, master’s, teacher, pre-school teacher). The diploma supplement is issued in English and prepared according to a common European standard. The document provides a description of the Norwegian educational system and detailed information on admission requirements, academic content and composition of the degree etc.

Postponement of the diploma

If you wish to improve the results that make up your degree, you can request the issuance of your diploma to be postponed. If you improve a grade after the degree has been registered as obtained, a note on your diploma will testify that the result has been improved after graduation.

The Diploma registry

In the Diploma registry (Vitnemålsportalen) you can retrieve your results and share them with other academic institutions, employers or others.

Printed transcripts

If you need a printed transcript of your grades, you can order it through the NLA University College StudentWeb. Both present and former students can order transcripts through StudentWeb. Former students who do not have a Norwegian ID number may contact the school if they have problems logging in to StudentWeb.

Approval of external studies for the bachelor’s degree

If you have taken higher education at other academic institutions you can apply for approval of this education for studies at NLA University College. For the approval to be given, you need to document your external education with a diploma or transcript. Please note that credits from vocational colleges do not qualify for approval in the same way as credits from higher education institutions.

If you want to apply for approval of external studies for the bachelor’s degree, please contact the study administration on your campus.