NLA Bergen

NLA Sandviken

Campus Sandviken is conveniently situated in Sandviken, in the foothill of Sandviksfjellet (Mount Sandviken), a 10 minutes’ bus ride to the north of the city centre.

The campus is small, consisting of one building containing classrooms, administration offices, teachers’ studies, chapel, library and a cafeteria to serve some 800 students a year. NLA Sandviken offers bachelor program in Education and Religious Education, and bachelor and master degrees program in Intercultural Studies.

NLA Breistein

Campus Breistein is located 15 km north of the city center, approximately 40 minutes by bus from downtown Bergen. Breistein offers teacher and pre-school teacher education.

This spacious campus consists of the Learning Building, Teaching Building, Administration Building, “The glass building” and Study Building. Approximately 800 students are studying here. There is a nice canteen and great recreatonal areas.




Amalie Skrams vei 3 Sandviken
Olav Bjordals vei 41, Breistein

Postboks 74 Sandviken
5812 Bergen

55 54 07 00