NLA Gimlekollen

Campus Gimlekollen is located 5 kilometers from the city center of Kristiansand, in a beautiful environment close to the recreation area “Jegersberg” and the lake “Tretjønn”.

It has approximately 200 students in four bachelor programs:

• Journalism (Print/Web or Broadcasting)
• Cross-Cultural Communication
• Communication and World Views
• Information and Communication Work

and one master program:

• Master in Global Journalism

The school comprises a complex of modern buildings with teaching areas and classrooms, seminar rooms, technical rooms for hands-on craft skills learning, a library, office accommodation for faculty and administration staff, together with leisure areas.The auditorium is fully equipped with multi media facilities for 200 listeners.

The technical facilities at the school include a local computer network for handling news stories and newspaper page layout, several digital workstations for the assembly of radio news packages, a digital radio studio, a radio continuity suite, a four-camera television studio together with a digital editing suite, and outside broadcasting facilities for both radio and television.

Gimlekollen School of Journalism and Communication was established in 1981 as a private, Christian vocational media college. It had a dual focus from the beginning, on the one hand offering journalism training for working with local newspapers and local radio stations and on the other hand offering media training for working with Christian organizations and churches. Gimlekollen was recognized by the Norwegian media industry early on, long before the school got its first validation as a university college in 1996. 

The next fifteen years, following 1996, was characterized by expansion, both in terms of academic programs, number of students, research publications, or international projects. Gimlekollen is primarily known for its bachelor program in Journalism. Parallel to its own journalism program, Gimlekollen became increasingly involved in international capacity building projects in the area of Journalism. This extensive international experience contributed to the accreditation of the MA in Global Journalism in 2014.

Alongside Journalism, Gimlekollen also established academic programmes in Inter-Cultural Communication, Media Communication, and Communication and Worldviews. Like with Journalism, these other programmes have also been characterized by extensive international networking, especially with various Christian institutions and organizations committed to similar educational and professional ideals.



Bergtoras vei 120

Postboks 410 Lundsiden
4604 Kristiansand

55 54 07 00