Why Choose NLA?


Do you want to do something different for a semester or a year?

We are devoted to good research-based teaching and we provide academic challenges in small classes. This is a school where teachers and students have lunch together. At NLA University College you will not be an anonymous student, but we will know your name and care about your well-being.

NLA arranges intensive orientation week(s) where we help you settle in both at the school and in the city where you study. We will guide you through the different administrative matters and offer an elementary introduction course to the Norwegian language (autumn semester only). This course is free of charge.

There will be arranged different social and cultural activities throughout the semester that will give you a taste of Norway and Norwegian culture. At NLA University College it is possible to attend devotion and translation to English is offered.

At NLA you will have exciting experiences, both academically and socially.



"A golden opportunity to develop my professional values and capabilities"

"Opportunities of contacts with the Norwegian society and with people from other culture"

"The academic level at NLA is high and qualified"

Felix Ndoyama
Master program of philosophy in religious education 2010-2012
National coordinator Evangelical Lutheran Church in Cameroon (ELCC)