3GJ311 Nordic Media

Alle versjoner:
3GJ311 (2024—2025)
3GJ311 (2023—2024)

Emnekode: 3GJ311

Emnenavn: Nordic Media

Undervisningssemester: Vår

Steder: Kristiansand

Studieår: 2023–2024

Undervisningsspråk: Norsk

Studiepoeng: 10 poeng

Enkeltemne: Nei

Relevans i studieprogrammet

3GJ311 Nordic Media is an optional course in the MA Programme in Global Journalism at NLA University College and takes place in the second semester of the programme.



The student:

  • is familiar with past and present developments of the journalistic media in the Nordic countries
  • has knowledge of various forms of government subsidy for the Nordic media
  • is able to explain a Nordic approach to public service media



The student:

  • can assess the homogeneity and heterogeneity of the Nordic media system and discuss how it relates to other media systems
  • can discuss how media policy in the Nordic countries affects journalistic behaviour
  • can identify and discuss strengths and weaknesses of the Nordic media system

General competence

The student:

  • is able to assess the relationship between a regional media system, media structure and journalistic behaviour


3GJ311 Nordic Media studies the media’s role and behaviour within the Nordic societies (mainly Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland). The course examines political and economic conditions for the journalistic media with a view on the peculiarities of Nordic media policy and accompanying state subsidy models. The course builds on the material covered in GJ 301 Journalism, Media and Globalization and places the Nordic media in an international context. The course pays particular attention to public service media philosophy, a topic which is widely discussed in Nordic media research. The course also offers media visits to relevant media organizations.

Arbeids- og undervisningsformer

The course has an introductory week with intensive teaching from Monday to Friday. The remaining six weeks of the course have weekly lectures. Online connection is available for the weekly lectures, but not for the introductory week. Times for media visits will be announced when the course begins.


250-300 hours 

Avsluttende vurdering

The assessment of 3GJ311 comprises two parts:

  • A 4000 word written assignment/paper (51% of the final grade)
  • A 4 hour written exam (49% of the final grade)

Tillatte hjelpemidler

1. All 

2. None 

Vurderingsuttrykk avsluttende vurdering

Both parts are individual assignments and are assessed according to the standard A-F grading system. One final grade is given for the course.


English or a Nordic language 



Evaluering av emnet

The course is evaluated according to NLA's quality assurance system. Students are asked to evaluate the course orally while it is being taught and to fill in a written course evaluation form when the course is completed. 

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