Applying for a master's degree

Step-by-step guide on how to apply for admission. The application deadline is 1 February for non-EU/EEA citizens, 15 April for EU/EEA citizens, and 1 June for applicants from Norway and the other Nordic countries.

Please note:
Due to changes in the funding from the Norwegian government, NLA University College is required to introduce a tuition fee for students from outside EU/EEA/Switzerland. The tuition fee will be NOK 57 000 per semester for students starting their master’s degree studies in the autumn of 2023. No scholarships are currently offered to master’s degree students at NLA.

Step 1: Make sure you meet the admission requirements

The admission requirements can be found in the programme descriptions (view links below). Please note that the English language requirements have been slightly changed this year, and that a motivational letter is now required for all three programmes.

Master in Theology and Ministry

Master in Global Journalism

Master in Intercultural Studies

Note the following regarding your bachelor’s degree: NOKUT is the Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education, and we follow their guidelines when it comes to evaluation of foreign education. The GSU list specifies the general requirements for admission to higher education in Norway. For some countries one of the requirements is Upper Secondary School Diploma + 1 year university education. Applicants to master’s degrees from these countries must have completed a four year bachelor’s degree to meet the bachelor’s degree requirement. Alternatively, if they have completed a three year bachelor’s degree, they must complete an additional year of higher education to meet this criterion.

Step 2: Prepare the necessary documents

You may register an application without uploading any documents, but the required documentation must be uploaded before the application deadline. You will find the necessary information on the page detailing the documentation requirements.

Step 3: Register your application

The application portal, Søknadsweb, opens in November or December and is found here. If you are new to Søknadsweb, you will have to register as a new international applicant before you can register the application. No one else can apply on your behalf, you must register the application yourself. You can upload documentation as you register your application or add documentation later. However, make sure the necessary documentation is uploaded before the application deadline. The application deadline is 1 February for non-EU/EEA citizens, 15 April for EU/EEA-citizens, and 1 June for applicants from Norway and the other Nordic countries.

Step 4: Provide additional information/documentation if required

If further information or documentation is needed, we may contact you. Make sure that you read thoroughly any emails we send you. Provide any requested information or documentation as soon as you can, and within any given deadlines. Additional documentation must be uploaded in the application portal. Do not send any documents by post or e-mail unless expressly told to do so. If you have studied in one of the countries mentioned in the documentation requirements, you must make sure that your place of study sends us your transcripts by post.

Step 5: Wait for your answer

You will receive an answer by email. If you receive an offer of admission, remember to answer it within the deadline. Make sure that you follow all the instructions you receive from us. Note that, depending on the number and qualification of the applicants, your application may be rejected, even if you meet all the minimum admission requirements.



If you have practical questions regarding the application process, and you cannot find the answer in the step-by-step guide or the list of documentation requirements, please contact