NLA University College’s Student Ombudsperson

The Student Ombudsperson is a neutral and independent advisor who shall help safeguard the legal rights of students at their place of study.

Marit Elizabeth Sand Solvik is the Student Ombudsperson at NLA University College. If you have questions regarding your rights and obligations as a student, or need advice or help related to your situation as a student, she can help you. The Student Ombudsperson has a duty of confidentiality, including vis-à-vis the university college. All enquiries will be treated confidentially. Help and assistance are provided free of charge.

Feel free to contact her if you:

  • have any questions about your rights and obligations as a student, or need advice or help with regard to your situation as a student.
  • are considering making a report of harassment. The Student Ombudsperson can help you review your options and the consequences that these may entail for you.
  • are suspected of an examination offence. The Student Ombudsperson can look into the matter and assist you (as a neutral third party) if needed, until you are granted the right to legal counsel (paid for by the university college).
  • need assistance with applications or appeals to the university college. The Student Ombudsperson can review draft versions and help you highlight the most important and relevant aspects of your case.
  • need assistance in meetings that you have with the institution. The Student Ombudsperson can attend as a neutral third party.
  • face challenges as a student and do not know whom to turn to for help. If the Student Ombudsperson proves not to be the right person, she can help you find out how to proceed.
  • are engaged in an ongoing matter and receiving no response from the university college.

Contact me:

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Marti Elizabeth Sand Solvik
Student ombudperson