Examinations using pen and paper

·  Remember to take a blue or black pen to the exam. 

·  If you are going to use pen and paper in an exam, use a ballpoint pen that shows through the examination answer booklet provided. You must ensure that what you write in the top sheet of the answer booklet is clearly transferred to the underlying sheets, and that you do not stack multiple booklets on top of each other.

·  If you take a break during the exam, you must cover the paper you have written on. 

·  You must raise your hand if you need more paper, and one of the invigilators will help you.

·  When the exam time is up, you have 15 minutes to enter the date, candidate number, page number, number of pages and course code on the top section of each page, and sort the answer papers. Numbering the pages as you work during the exam expedites this preparation before delivery.

·  When you hand in the answer paper, the pages must be numbered consecutively and in the correct order. Complete the necessary information on the front page of the cover sheets, and insert the original and the first copy in separate cover sheets. You can take the second copy with you.