New books in February and March

These are the new resources in English at NLA University College libraries.

Library at Breistein


the Code : a mathematical treasure hunt
Open University Worldwide/BBC, c2011

Library at Sandviken

200 Religion

Eikrem, Asle 1978- - God as sacrificial love : a systematic exploration of a controversial notion /
Bloomsbury, 2018., ISBN: 9780567678645

The English reference Qur’an translation : the first translation of the Qur’an from the original Arabic into modern English with references to the Tawrah, Zabur, and Injil
The Reference Qur’an Council, 2017


300 Social sciences

Learning : to realize education’s promise /
World Bank, cop. 2018, ISBN: 9781464810961

370 Special education

Van Manen, Max - The tact of teaching : the meaning of pedagogical thoughtfulness
Routledge, 2016, ISBN: 9781629584188

Smith, David I. - John Amos Comenius : a visionary reformer of schools
Classical Academic Press, cop. 2017, ISBN: 9781600513169



Bauer, Joanna - The consequence of the servant’s suffering for the relationship between God and the others in Isaiah 53
NLA Høgskolen, 2017

Library at Staffeldtsgate

781 Sound recordings

Felton, David - The secrets of dance music production
Attack Magazine, 2017, ISBN: 9780956446039


Senior, Mike - Recording secrets for the small studio /
Focal Press, 2015., ISBN: 9780415716703

782 Songwriting

Arend, Paul den - Complete songwriting manual : a comprehensive songwriting guide for beginners and professionals
VandiDesign, cop. 2014, ISBN: 1514758539


Oliver, Brian - How [not] to write a hit song! : 101 common mistakes to avoid if you want songwriting success
sn, cop. 2013, ISBN: 1492836826


Pattison, Pat - Song-writing without boundaries : lyric writing exercises for finding your voice /
Writer’s Digest, cop. 2011., ISBN: 1599632977