Education framework

Guidelines applicable for the academic year 2020–2021.

Mandatory teaching 

  1. The Pro-rector for Education confirms that the absence limit for mandatory teaching may be deviated from in the academic year 2020–2021. This applies to absences related to COVID-19. No general new limit is set that covers all courses, and it is the course coordinator who, based on a professional assessment, determines the compensatory requirements that apply to absences that exceed the ordinary absence limit. This does not apply to courses that are governed by national guidelines, such as work experience at LU.
  2. The course coordinator determines either in general for each course and/or for each individual student which compensatory requirements apply to absences that exceed the ordinary absence limit in order to have the course approved. This has been communicated in writing to the student group in Canvas, and also in writing to any students with individual adaptations. A copy of the latter has also been sent to the Student Administration Department for its records. Students whose absence level is too high due to COVID-19 and who do not participate in the compensatory provision will not have their attendance approved.

Non-mandatory teaching

Students who are prevented from attending non-mandatory teaching due to COVID-19 can apply to the course coordinator for an adapted teaching provision through self-certification in Canvas. The student cannot expect the provision to be as extensive as that for students who attend teaching on campus.


Notification of absence

  1. Absence due to COVID-19 is reported in the same way as illness is reported, and the application for an adapted teaching provision is assessed in the same way/by the same body as for illness, i.e. the course coordinator in Canvas. No sensitive personal information (for example about your state of health) must be given in this notification. If you need to give information about such matters, you should phone the course coordinator.
  2. Students who are in the high-risk group or who live with someone in the high-risk group can report this on the relevant form at The Student Administration Department will process the notification and notify the relevant course coordinator. This arrangement will be in place from Friday 28 August 2020. You can report here. 

3.    Students with confirmed COVID-19 must report this on the form here.