Information on teaching in the spring semester

Here you will find guidelines regarding mandatory classes and absence for the spring semester.

Guidelines for the spring semester 2022

Students who have a confirmed COVID-19 infection are to report this on a separate form.

Mandatory classes

1. Exemptions from the absence limit for mandatory classes can be granted for the spring semester 2022. The course coordinator sets compensatory requirements for absence in excess of the standard absence limit. This does not apply to courses that are subject to national regulations, for example supervised workplace training for student teachers.

2. Students with a high rate of absence because of COVID-19 will not have their attendance rate approved unless they attend the compensatory programme.

3. If a student or group of students is unable to attend mandatory classes for reasons related to COVID-19, they should be provided with an adapted programme. However, this programme cannot be expected to be as complete as the campus-based programme.

4. In consultation with the head of department, the course coordinator can provide all teaching online for short periods if the situation so indicates.

Non-mandatory classes

Students who are prevented from attending non-mandatory classes because of COVID-19 can request an adapted programme by self-registering with the course coordinator through Canvas. These students cannot expect this programme to be as complete as the one for students who are present on the campus.

Reporting of absence

- Absence due to COVID-19 is reported in the same way as for illness, i.e. to the course coordinator through Canvas, and the application for an adapted programme will be decided in the same way/by the same authority as for illness. The message must not contain sensitive personal information (for example on health problems). If you need to provide information on such issues, you should contact the course coordinator by telephone.

- Students who are unable to attend classes because of personal health challenges due to COVID-19 can report this on a separate form. The student affairs administration will process the request and report to the course coordinator.