Three Study Tips!

The first introduction weeks are now over, and your lectures and seminars has officially started.  Here are three ‘study tips’ to kick off the new semester at NLA University College!

It’s been a great start of the semester, and at NLA we’re happy to see many new faces and motivated students. If you have studied before, or if you’re a freshman student, it pays off to start as early as possible. If you start early, you will clearly notice this during your last weeks of intense exam preparations. Senior lecturer in Journalism, Bjørg Marit Nyjordet, will give you some useful tips on how to maintain your study-habits.

1. Switch yourself ‘on’!

– Lectures and seminars are interactions between the lecturer and the students. I teach best when my students are engaged, and the students clearly benefits from the lectures when they participate. So my first tip: When you walk into class, switch yourself ‘on’.

2. Prepare for class!

– It is easier to participate and engage in class when you know what the lecturer is actually talking about. Prepare yourself for class and read the syllabus.

3. Make your own study groups

– Or as we say in Norway “Kollokviegruppe”. When you discuss academic questions with your own study group, you will gain a deeper understanding of the what the course is all about. This will may lead you to preform better at your exams, but most importantly – this will bring you great experience into your future career and work.

Good luck!