Loan and reserve

Rules and regulations


  • A library card is required in order to borrow items from the NLA library.
  • For students, the student card is used as a library card.
  • Library users are responsible for ensuring that their contact details are correct. The information can be updated anytime in Oria.


Items need to be returned within the due date

  • Loan period for books: 4 weeks
  • Books on the reading list: 2 weeks
  • Journals: 2 weeks
  • DVD: 3 days
  • Reference books: may not be taken out of the library or reading areas


  • Library users are responsible for all borrowed material, and are not allowed to lend items to a second party.
  • Items can be renewed, unless there is a waiting list. If so, the items is to be returned within the due date.
  • You may reserve books that are on loan via Oria, but material that is available on the shelf may not be ordered or reserved.
  • It is not allowed to take library items out of the country.
  • After receiving three reminders, you will be charged a fee to replace the document. 
  • Lost or damaged items must be compensated. The fee for replacing a document is minimum 500 NOK.
  • Failure to pay a fee will result in the suspension of library rights. The library may use legal recovery to ensure that the fee is paid.
  • The patron has to pay for inter-library loan from libraries outside Norway.