Remote Access

The library provides access to a number of journals, electronic articles and databases from the NLA network.

From home, you can access a big portion of these by using special links or signing in with username and password. You can find information on these options on Itslearning, under the «Courses»-tab and «Bibliotekressurser NLA».

We offer remote access to the databases listed below: 

  • Atekst – Norwegian newspaper articles in full text
  • Ebscohost – a variety of full text databases; articles and e-books
  • Idunn – Norwegian journals in full text
  • Ordnett – online English dictionary and English dictionary of economics
  • Routledge encyclopedia of philosophy – online encyclopedia of philosophy

The easiest way to get remote access to EBSCO is by setting up a personal account. You can make a personal account by following this guide  while connected to a NLA IP-address.