Art Pedagogy abd Artistic Development Work

The research group aims to contribute to knowledge on art pedagogy, as well as artistic development work and research. Drama, music, arts and crafts are all important subjects in teacher education, as well as in early learning, schools and other arenas in society.

The group consists of specialists from the music, arts and crafts, drama and pedagogy units, but is also open to members from other disciplines. Activities in this group are intended to stimulate research related to art pedagogy and artistic development work.

Work of the research group

Research related to various art forms in an educational context are at the core of the research group’s activities. Art pedagogy and art didactics are central research fields, in addition to artistically creative work. This involves a variety of research work and forms of publication. In addition to academic articles, output from researchers in this group also includes compositions, concerts, installation art and art exhibitions. Exploring materials and forms of expression within the various art forms is crucial in the education of future teachers.


Anne Guro Schmidt Antun, Assistant Professor in arts and crafts
Ingrid Mostad Bråten, Assistant Professor in music
Irene Fanebust Eknes, Assistant Professor in arts and crafts
Odd Torleiv Furnes, Associate Professor in music
Ruth Hol Mjanger, Assistant Professor in drama
Oddmund Solheim, Assistant Professor in music
Ane Malene Sæverot, Associate Professor in pedagogy/arts and craft
Rakel Odette Tetlie, Assistant Professor in drama
Bente Helen Skjelbred, Assistant Professor in arts and crafts


Head of the research group: Ane Malene Sæverot
Vice Rector for Research and Development: Torgeir Landro