Children, kindergarten and kindergarten teacher education

Research in Early Childhood Care and Education (RiECCaE)

The aim of this research group is to drive and stimulate R&D related to Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC). The purpose is to stimulate the generation of new knowledge on topics that are directly and indirectly related to ECEC.

Themes of the group’s research projects and development work

  • Challenges and complexities related to play and learning
  • Relational thinking in educational activities 
  • Active forms of learning in ECEC for children and student teachers
  • Skills enhancement and management in ECEC
  • Practice-based ECEC

Interdisciplinarity in ECEC

In addition to enhancing the research group’s skills in managing R&D projects, the group also aims to increase the number of NLA University College’s published works within the field of ECEC.


The group consists of academic staff from the practice placement administration and from various units who perform teaching and supervisory roles in ECEC at NLA University College and Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL).

Anette Sofie Bernsen, Assistant Professor/PhD Research Fellow (NLA, UISN)
Astrid Øien Halsnes, Associate Professor (NLA)
Elin Thoresen, Associate Professor (NLA)
Ida Tjessem Dahl, Assistant Professor (NLA)
Inger-Lisa Møen, Associate Professor (HVL)
Ingrid Trætteberg, Assistant Professor (NLA)
Jannice Berland, Assistant Professor (HVL)
Judith Ologi, Assistant Professor (NLA)
Lill Krestin Ryland, Assistant Professor (NLA)
Synnøve Hysing Dahl, Practice Placement Consultant (NLA)
Trude Kyrkjebø, PhD Research Fellow (NLA, NTNU)

The research group meets two to three times each semester.


Head of the research group: Elin Thoresen
Vice Rector for Research and Development: Torgeir Landro