Economics, Ethics and Management

In particular, the group will seek to establish research projects that can generate new knowledge related to the special character of economics education.

Four thematic areas are of special interest to the research group: 

  • The legacy of Hans Nielsen Hauge (economic history analyses and empirical updating) 
  • Modern management research with a link to the Hauge legacy (e.g. research on service-oriented leadership, ‘the calling’, business ethics and the importance of a higher purpose for employees, managers and entrepreneurs) 
  • Social and commercial entrepreneurship (business set-up, leadership, organisation, motivation) 
  • Pedagogy/didactics, with a focus on the teaching of ethics and the Bildung aspect in finance and management training.

In addition, the group will provide input and support for writing projects within other topics related to economics and administration disciplines in which the group members are involved.


The research group consists of academic staff from the Department of Economics. 

Truls Liland, Head of Department, Finance/Administration. 
Daniel M. Atsbeha, Associate Professor 
Daniel K. Overskott, Project Director
Chris Wales, Associate Professor 
Stephen Reid, Assistant Professor 
Cathrine Borgen, Assistant Professor and PhD Research Fellow

Associated: John Arngrim Hunnes, Joachim Tøgersen, Ola Grytten, Magne Supphellen, Bruce Dalgaard 

In addition, other NLA staff members will be involved in projects that have relevance across subject areas/disciplines.

New research projects

Four new research projects are foreseen for the coming year, all of which relate to the special character of economics education. The projects will involve the majority of the group members.

Recurrent research seminars

The group plans to arrange up to three research seminars each semester (physical attendance). The purposes of these seminars will be to:

  • build trust and inspire each other,
  • build new fundamental knowledge on research/publishing, and
  • disseminate information on the status and results of ongoing writing projects.

The seminars will also represent an opportunity for the research teams to hold meetings before/after the seminars.

The following items will be on the agenda at all seminars: status reports (all); presentation of results from ongoing projects; presentation of ideas for new projects; short lecture on a topic related to research/publishing.

Responsible: Magne Supphellen and Truls Liland.


Heads of the research group: Professor Magne Supphellen and Truls Liland, Research Fellow.

Vice Rector for Research and Development: Torgeir Landro