Pedagogical Leadership

Leadership in schools and early learning is performed within a framework of conflicting pressures and characterised by taxing challenges and dilemmas. The complexity of the leadership role requires a high degree of awareness of the internal and external challenges that leaders are continuously facing. The Pedagogical Leadership (PEDLED) research group seeks to develop research projects that can help those in charge of schools and early learning to understand and interpret these challenges while taking care of themselves as leaders and promoting fundamental educational values in their encounter with children and adolescents, as well as in society as a whole. In this way, pedagogical leadership helps promote the key educational and societal remits of the contemporary school system.


Paul Otto Brunstad, (head of research group) Professor 
Gunn Vedøy (deputy head of research group), Associate Professor
Jan Gilje, Associate Professor
Einar Reigstad, Associate Professor 
Gila Hammer Furnes, Assistant Professor and PhD Research Fellow
Ingunn Reigstad, Associate Professor  
Aleksandra Kurdel, PhD Research Fellow
Kristin Belt Skutlaberg, PhD Research Fellow
Lina Lillebø Bjunes, PhD Research Fellow

External members: 
Kjersti Sandnes Haukedal, Associate Professor, HVL
Arne Bygstad, Associate Professor, HVL 
Eivind Larsen, PhD Research Fellow, Ils, UiO

Work of the research group

The research aims to contribute to an up-to-date and relevant leadership development programme for pedagogical leaders at all levels, not least in the master’s degree programme in educational leadership, in which NLA is involved. The research group mainly consists of NLA staff members, but is open to others, from Norway as well as abroad.


Head of the research group: Paul Otto Brunstad 
Vice Rector for Research and Development: Torgeir Landro