Journalism, Media and Communication

In progress

The research group’s R&D work is based on the department’s bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes, which are in journalism (BA) and global journalism (MA). The main emphasis of the R&D projects is on journalism and media studies, with a focus on processes, practices, values and professional roles. The priorities also reflect the department’s involvement in various international R&D projects, particularly in Africa. 

Work of the research group

Journalism is constantly changing, and is facing extensive challenges. Keywords are continuous change in technology and production, media habits and financial models. Society is also undergoing major changes, and the role of journalism in society is being challenged in a ‘post-truth’ society characterised by fragmentation and polarisation. The department’s research work places a particular focus on the role of journalism in a democratic and multicultural society and the associated diversity of worldviews.

With this backdrop, the Department for Journalism and Media Studies has prioritised the following thematic areas in the period 2020–2022:

  • The role of journalists (both in Norway and internationally)
  • Journalism’s social remit
  • Processes and practices
  • Values, worldviews and multiculturalism/diversity
  • Children, adolescents and media/gaming
  • Pedagogy (media pedagogy)


Terje Skjerdal (head of research group), Associate Professor
Hilde Kristin Dahlstrøm, Head of Department for Journalism and Media Studies/Assistant Professor
Carol Azungi Dralega (head of research group), Associate Professor
Liv Iren Hognestad, Assistant Professor
Torborg Igland, Assistant Professor
Nina Skråmestø Nesheim, Assistant Professor
Bjørg Marit Nyjordet, Assistant Professor
Håkon Repstad, Assistant Professor
Espen Sørmo Strømme, Assistant Professor
Egil Sæbø, Assistant Professor


Head of the research group: Carol Azungi Dralega and Terje Skjerdal 
Vice Rector for Research and Development: Torgeir Landro