Mathematics Education Research Group

The research group was established in 2020 and is working according to the following vision: ‘MathED’s research helps realise NLA’s values in teaching and learning, and the research group is Norway’s leading community in certain aspects of mathematics education.’

The group members have a variety of interests. Most of them can be subsumed under one of the two following topics, both of which have a clear basis in a sociocultural learning paradigm: reasoning in mathematics (including a focus on students with a large potential for learning) and mediating tools (including digital tools, games and development of mathematics assignments). In our work with the former topic we draw on principles such as Lithner’s ‘creative mathematical reasoning’, while Radford’s framework plays a key role in our work with the latter topic.

In the winter 2020–2021, two projects were under development, both associated with the topic of mediating tools. One is a pilot study of a ‘rich assignment’ in mathematics training for beginners, while the second is associated with the content and use of a digital tool, also intended for use in mathematics training for beginners.


The research group holds 2–3 digital meetings and one physical meeting each semester. 

Jørgen Sjaastad, Associate Professor (head of the research group) 
Arne Kåre Topphol, Teaching Professor 
Martin Carlsen, Professor 
Andreas Lorange, Associate Professor
Mike Naylor, Associate Professor 
Karin Landschulze, Associate Professor 
Johannes Kleppe, Associate Professor 
Alette Aasvold Rolland, Assistant Professor 
Ellen Kristine Solbrekke Hansen, Assistant Professor 
Terje Bjuland, Assistant Professor 
Christian Salvesen, Assistant Professor 
Torbjørn Aadland, Assistant Professor 


Head of the research group: Jørgen Sjaastad
Vice Rector for Research and Development: Torgeir Landro