Physical Education and Sports Science

To ensure that the educational programmes at NLA’s sport unit are founded on a high standard of knowledge-based practice, the research group has a specific focus on the following thematic areas:

  • Training in and development of competence and skills in movement
  • Physical education didactics in the diverse context of schools
  • Physical activity, public health and life skills
  • Motivational processes and learning environment for physical activity and movement

Work of the research group

The academic staff in the sports unit have a strong interest in actively using the research group for professional development and collaboration. The group holds monthly meetings where the focus is on reviewing and discussing the members’ presentation of ongoing R&D work.

The research group is currently involved in national and international research collaborations in the field, and the goal is to exploit the potential that lies in each participant’s competence, field of interest and access to relevant projects.


The research group consists of academic staff from the sports unit who possess sound practice-based knowledge from the field and advanced and varied competence in methodologies.

Ellen Haug, Associate Professor
Øystein Røynesdal, Assistant Professor
Amund Langøy, Assistant Professor and PhD Research Fellow
Arild Boge, Assistant Professor
Marius Kvalvaag, Assistant Professor
Erling Andre Algrøy, Assistant Professor
Tale Birkeland Irgens, Assistant Professor
Guro Grøthe, Assistant Professor
Ingfrid Thorjussen, Assistant Professor
Hilde Gundersen, Associate Professor (HVL)


Heads of the research group: Ellen Haug and Øystein Røynesdal.
Vice Rector for Research and Development: Torgeir Landro