Social Sciences and Humanities

All topics that are related in some way to the subjects of history, geography and social science are relevant for this group. Its main focus, however, targets schools and issues related to societal didactics.

The goal is to gain insight into and a better understanding of what constitutes ‘good teaching of social science’ at all levels in primary and lower secondary school. More specifically, this includes methodological approaches, relevant theories, concepts of learning and knowledge, and a critical review of the syllabus, general educational policy frameworks and guidelines for this subject. There is also a need to make space for subject-specific topics, methodological procedures and theoretical approaches that focus on social science subjects more generally.

The group shall constitute an arena for professionally based discussion, critical reflection, assessment of manuscripts, development of new projects (including writing of applications), arrangement of seminars, conferences etc. In general, it should serve as a resource for its members in a busy daily schedule. Many of the members have ‘half-finished’ works, and one of the main short-term goals is therefore to have these completed and published.


Harald Borgebund, Associate Professor
James Hattaway, Associate Professor  
Åshild Samnøy, Associate Professor
Lars Gaute Jøssang, Professor 
Torgeir Landro, Associate Professor 
Helga Bjørke Harnes, Assistant Professor 
Anna Nøkland, Assistant Professor  
Katrine Mellingen, Assistant Professor 
Hanne Louise Løvgren, Assistant Professor 
Rolf Halse, PhD
Ove Skarpenes, Professor (associated member)

Note: Currently, all members are NLA staff. However, the goal is to recruit members from other university colleges and universities (in Norway as well as abroad).


Head of the research group: Professor Lars Gaute Jøssang
Vice Rector for Research and Development: Torgeir Landro