Global Perspectives in Education

The research group is engaged in questions related to intercultural and comparative perspectives on learning and education. The seminars contain research presentations, discussions and training related to the members' various research work. Geographically, the research teams’ projects in 2023 are oriented towards Nepal, South Africa, Madagascar, Ukraine and Eastern Europe, England, the Netherlands, and Norway. Disciplinarily, the research group is currently made up of researchers in pedagogy, drama, and contextual biblical interpretation. The group is recruiting new members and wants a wider representation of disciplines and thematical approaches. We are open to external members in Norway and internationally.

The research group has two focuses:

  1. Carry out research and development work in collaboration with international partners for joint publications and dissemination in national and international forums.
  2. Contribute to developing and expanding research-based education in the interplay between global and local perspectives.


Ruth Hol Mjanger, Associate professor, Teacher education - Drama (leader)
Svitlana Holovchuk, Associate professor, Teacher education - Pedagogy (deputy chair)
Knut Holter, Professor, Contextual biblical interpretation, Teacher education - KRLE
Ingfrid Mattingsdal Thorjussen, Associate professor, Teacher education - Physical education
Astrid Haugestad, Assistant professor, teacher education - English
Judith Ologi, PhD student, Teacher education – Pedagogy
Grete Skjeggestad Meyer, Professor, Teacher education - Drama


Project 1: TLC – Teaching and Learning Theology in Crisis (21-25)

Partner institutions: Stellenbosch University (South Africa) and NLA University College (Norway)

Participant from this research group: Svitlana Holovchuk

The aim of the collaboration between NLA and Stellenbosch is to develop new ways of teaching theology, to meet major challenges in society such as the climate crisis, youth participation in community life, and the changing role of the church in society. The project focuses on joint teaching, research, and student/teacher mobility. The key activities are joint online teaching, combined with learning in local contexts, development of new ways of teaching practice through research and discussion.

Project 2: NORHED II - Establish research-based basic teacher education programs in Nepal (21-26)

Partner institutions: NLA University College in cooperation with Nepal Open University (NOU), Early Childhood Education Centre (ECEC), University of Agder, Norway (UiA) and Theological University of Appeldorn, the Netherlands (TUA).

Participants from this research group: Ruth Hol Mjanger (project coordinator), Knut Holter and Astrid Øien Halsnes

The Norad supported project aims to integrate research and teaching by establishing the first research-based basic teacher education programs at BA level in Nepal. The project is led by NLA University College in cooperation with Nepal Open University (NOU) and Early Childhood Education Centre (ECEC) in Nepal, University of Agder, Norway (UiA) and Theological University of Appeldorn, the Netherlands (TUA).

The main objectives of the project are:

  1. To build capacity in HEIs faculty and ECECs staff, for establishing an academic community interested in improved research and pedagogy in basic teacher education and basic schools.
  2. To improve curriculums, teaching, and research in education faculties at HEIs in Nepal. More specifically, to find cultural keys to succeed with pedagogy taught by education faculties for successful transferring into basic schools (grade 1-8), with a particular focus on developing sustainable solutions and practices.

Project 3: Inclusive Teacher Training: Madagascar and Norway

Partner institutions: Sekoly Fanomanana Mpampianatra, Fandriana, Madagascar.

Participants from this research group: Svitlana Holovchuk and Knut Holter.

The project – which is based on an initiative in 2023 – aims to develop and find funding for a research project on inclusive teacher training in Madagascar and Norway. The two partners going together in the project are Department of Teacher Education, NLA University College (Norway) and Sekoly Fanomanana Mpampianatra, a church-related teacher training college in Fandriana (Madagascar). The overall focus is to do research on inclusive teacher training from three perspectives: knowledge, practice, and institutionalization.


Head of the research group: Ruth Hol Mjanger
Vice Rector for Research and Development: Torgeir Landro