Text Studies in Theology, Religion and Philosophy

In theology, the study of texts is the most important source of knowledge. 

The group, known as ‘Text Studies’ for short, is associated with the Department of Theology, Religion and Philosophy (TRF) and brings together four sub-groups: Religion and Culture, Theology and Spirituality, the Kierkegaard Group and Text Meets Text. The group unites researchers who work mainly with texts related to these topics. Texts constitute one source for understanding culture, religion and history, and play a key role in our own thinking, in religious and cultural practices. In theology, the study of texts is the most important source of knowledge.


Professor Erik Waaler, Professor
Professor Kåre Berge, Professor Emeritus
Tomas Bokedal, Associate Professor
Merete Hodt, PhD Research Fellow
Per Reinert Eriksen, Assistant Professor
Torleif Elgvin, Professor Emeritus 
Gunnar Johnstad, Associate Professor Emeritus
Gunnar Innerdal, Associate Professor
Ståle Kristiansen, Professor
Peder Solberg, Associate Professor
Kim Larsen, Associate Professor
Svein Rise, Professor Emeritus
Brandt Klawitter, Associate Professor
Hans Bringeland, Associate Professor
Arve Brunvoll, Professor

Associated members
Solveig Reindal, Professor
Stein Wivestad, Teaching Professor Emeritus 
Silje Haga, Assistant Professor

Work of the research group

While the individual research projects and publishing of output from them mainly take place in the sub-groups, the Text Studies group works to coordinate shared resources among the sub-groups. The research group is charged with the arrangement of seminars of general importance for work with texts, from Antiquity as well as modern, especially concerning what it means to understand texts. The group will also arrange manuscript seminars on topics that go beyond the scope of the specific sub-groups.