REL207 Media, Myths and Identity

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REL207 (2022—2023)
REL207 (2021—2022)
REL207 (2020—2021)

Course code: REL207

Course name: Media, Myths and Identity

Semester: Spring

Location: Bergen

Academic year: 2022–2023

Language: English

Credits: 10 ECTS Credits

Available for course students: Yes

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Required prerequisite knowledge

Higher Education Entrance Qualification.

For studenter i studieprogram: For å ta dette emnet må man ha fullført årsstudiet i RLE, PTL, IKS eller PED, eller tilsvarende. Man kan også ta emnet parallelt med disse årsstudiene.

Relevance within study programme

Elective course bachelor in Theology.


This course is a study of religious and mythical motives in popular culture, with emphasis on movies. In what way do modern movies like The Matrix, Hunger Games and Harry Potter highlight and thematize the existential questions of modern Man? And which role does Greek myths and Christian symbols play in the narrative of these movies? The identity formation of young people is also an essential theme in this course, seen in relation to the increasing use of social media and games by the new generation.

Learning outcomes descriptors


The student

  • has fundamental knowledge about the religious and mytical universe in modern movies
  • has knowledge about new theories on the relation between media and identity formation
  • has knowledge about new theories on the nature and function of myths in religious and cultural contexts
  • has fundamental knowledge of the Bible as literature
  • has specialized knowledge of the Bible as one of the main inspirational sources for European culture - including cinematic movies
  • has fundamental knowledge of the concept of intertextuality and the use of intertextuality in modern movies
  • has basic knowledge of film analysis


The students

  • can collect specialized knowledge about religious/mythical narratives in modern movies and present this in relevant academic papers
  • can critically assess various existential questions on the basis of relevant movies
  • can handle necessary technological tools working with movies and social media
  • can contribute to a renewed reflection on the actuality of classical myths

General competence

The student

  • can present relevant and important theories on identity formation and modern media
  • has the ability to detect new trends in film and film industry


In close connection with a selection of curriculum films, the topic discusses the following main themes:

  • Youth culture, Identity and Modern Media
  • The religious universe reflected in the fantasy genre
  • Myth and reason (mythos versus logos)
  • Myths and psychology
  • The Bible as Literature
  • The Bible as «the great code» in European cultural history
  • Intertextuality in movies
  • Christ figures in film
  • General movie analysis

Teaching and learning methods

Lectures with time for discussions. All the films from the curriculum will be displayed on campus.


300 hours.

Coursework requirements

Individual reflection paper related to a chosen film from the curriculum (1000 words).

Grading, coursework requirements

Approved / Not approved.

Final assessment

  • Individual semester paper (4500 words) on self-chosen theme. The subject must be approved by the person with course responsibility.
  • Oral examination.

The semester assignment must be considered as passed (A - E) in order for the students to be able to present themselves to the oral exam. The final grade of the course will be determined after the oral examination. In order for that exam to be passed, the oral test must also be considered as passed (A - E).

Permitted aids under examination

Semester paper: all Oral examination: none

Grading, examination

A - F

Assessment language

English or Norwegian



Credit reductions

KME207 Medier, myter og identitet: 10 ECTS

Course evaluation

Annually course evaluation in accordance with the quality assurance system for NLA University College

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