IML222 Digital marketing

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IML222 (2024—2025)

Course code: IML222

Course name: Digital marketing

Semester: Autumn

Location: Kristiansand, Oslo

Academic year: 2024–2025

Language: English

Credits: 10 ECTS Credits

Available for course students: No

Required prerequisite knowledge

Admission to Bachelor of Business Administration or to Bachelor in Innovation, Marketing and Management.

For exchange students from NLA’s partner institutions: The students must be studying business administration or a related field of study.

Relevance within study programme

Compulsory course in Bachelor in Innovation, Marketing and Management. Elective course in Bachelor of Business Administration.

Learning outcomes descriptors


The student:

  • has knowledge of current channels and tools in digital marketing
  • has knowledge of both inbound and outbound strategies
  • knows current tools for effective search-engine-optimization and search-engine-advertising
  • knows the principles of optimally combining online and offline channels
  • has knowledge of major digital CRM support systems, including HubSpot
  • has knowledge of legal and ethical matters relevant to digital marketing


The student:

  • has the ability to evaluate the outbound and inbound marketing of companies
  • can design effective strategies for increasing the paid and organic traffic to a home page
  • can design effective strategies for increasing the knowledge of, and interest in, a brand and/or home page online
  • can design campaigns that effectively integrate online and offline channels
  • can use Google Analytics to optimize and learn from online strategies

General competence

The student

  • has a broad understanding of the application of digital tools and channels
  • can identify and deal with ethical dilemma in online marketing
  • can participate in the discussion of "good practice" in digital marketing


  • Characteristics of the digital customer (B2C and B2B)
  • The roles of digital marketing in the marketing mix
  • Outbound and inbound digital marketing
  • Home page design: Optimization of content and structure
  • How to optimize conversion rates, A/B testing
  • How to stimulate paid and organic traffic
  • Search-engine optimization and search-engine advertising
  • How to create brand awareness and interest in digital channels
  • Effective use of social media
  • Effective use of influencers
  • How to optimally combine online and offline channels
  • Using Google Analytics to optimize and learn from online strategies
  • Using HubSpot to design effective CRM systems and online campaigns

Teaching and learning methods

  • Lectures with practical examples
  • Practical individual training using online tools
  • Group work on how to design digital campaigns


Expected workload in this course is minimum 250 hours

Coursework requirements

The following mandatory learning activities must be approved before students can present themselves for final assessment:

  • Written group project presentation of the design of a digital marketing campaign, divided into 4-5 sections with feedback to each section. Group size: 3-6 persons. 4000 words +/- 15% (except bibliography) and oral group presentation.
  • 80% attendance in class

Grading, coursework requirements

Approved / Not approved.

Final assessment

3-hour individual school exam.

Grading, examination

A-F with A being the top grade and F being Fail.

Permitted aids under examination

Any material available.

Assessment language

Norwegian, Scandinavian Languages, English.



Credit reductions

The course overlaps 10 ECTS credits with IML222N Digital marketing.

Course evaluation

The course is evaluated according to the quality system for NLA University College.

Digital reading list

Follow this link for reading list and academic resources.