One semester programme in Christian Apologetics

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Programme name:
One semester programme in Christian Apologetics
Start of study:
2022 Autumn
30 ECTS Credits
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Start semester:
The programme seeks to enable Christian communicators to reflect on key apologetic challenges, as well as to present the case for the Christian worldview in a post Christian, secular and pluralistic setting.

Students of theology who want a semester study with a focus on Christian Apologetics.

Further education for faith educators, pastors, teachers, migrant church workers, and other Christian communicators.

One Year Study in Theology, Religion or Philosophy.

Recommended previous knowledge:

A basic introduction to Christian Apologetics, such as provided in 3KL101, 3KL103 or 3KL104/3KL106.


A candidate who has completed the programme should have the following learning outcomes defined in terms of knowledge, skills and general competence.


The student

  • has understanding of key approaches in Christian apologetics
  • has basic knowledge of central issues in Christian apologetics
  • has a grasp of the role and limitations of argument and rhetoric in Christian apologetics
  • has an understanding of the issue of evil in Christian apologetics, especially related to worldviews and popular culture
  • has an understanding of how to critically and creatively respond to current apologetic issues


The student

  • can critically assess various approaches in Christian apologetics
  • can critically reflect on the role of argument and rhetoric in Christian apologetics
  • can analyse, evaluate, and formulate good arguments and good rhetorical approaches
  • can reflect independently and critically on apologetic challenges
  • can respond to basic questions and objections to the Christian faith, on different arenas and in different formats, and in writing and orally

General competence

The student

  • can apply strategies for Christian apologetics when communicating in different contexts
  • can contribute to a renewed reflection on apologetic issues for church and society
  • can respond to relevant questions and challenges to the Christian faith
  • can present arguments and rhetorical approaches in writing and orally

Autumn term:

3KL220N The Christian Worldview in Apologetic Perspective: Key Approaches and Themes (10 ECTS)

3KL221N Apologetics for a Christian Worldview: Methodology and Selected Issues (20 ECTS)

  • 3KL220N - The Christian Worldview in Apologetic Perspective: Key Approaches and Themes - 10 sp
  • 3KL221N - Apologetics for a Christian Worldview: Methodology and Selected Issues - 20 sp

The one term programme gives opportunity for a deeper exploration of Christian apologetics, which in total offers

  • An understanding of method, argument, and rhetoric in Christian apologetics
  • A broad perspective on key challenges, and on the “canon” of issues and topics for Christian apologetics
  • An in depth, independent work on a specific issue/topic

Practice in communication of the Christian faith in different formats and on various arenas

Both course modules are offered online. The curricula are introduced through web lessons, with a variety of online learning resources.

The 3KL220N includes the offer of five digital / local sessions. The sessions will make use of a flipped classroom approach, with presentations and interactive discussions, involving both faculty and students.

The 3KL221N course includes the offer of eight digital/local sessions with lectures and workshops. The workshops will focus on presentation of and response to proposed projects.

The main focus of the 3K221N course will be developing and working on the project assignment, with supervision from lecturers.

The 3KL220N course has one coursework requirement:

A 1500 words (plus minus 20%) assignment with questions on each of the apologetic issues.

The final assessment in the 3KL220N course is a two-week home exam on a pre-assigned topic. The assignment is distributed at the beginning of the exam. The exam is comprised of a written paper of 3000 words (plus minus 20 %),

The 3KL221N course has two coursework requirements:

a) A 1000 words (plus minus 20%) assignment with questions on the two first elements of the course: The role of argument and rhetoric in Christian apologetics, and the issue of the problem of evil.

b) A project proposal in 500 words for the final essay, along with a proposed curriculum of 700 pages.

The final assessment in the 3KL221N course is comprised of two parts:

1) An essay of 3000 words (plus minus 20%) on a selected apologetic issue. (60 % of the final grade)

2) An oral presentation and defence of the final essay. (40% of the final grade)


The half year programme in Christian Apologetics seeks to equip for communication and service in various Christian settings, like churches, youth ministries, mission organizations, and schools.

The programme is also relevant for those who want to explore apologetic challenges and opportunities for Christian faith in the late modern world, whether the intention is personal or professional.

Teaching language: English.
Assessment language: English or Scandinavian languages.
Annual course evaluation in accordance with the quality assurance system for NLA University College.