One semester programme in Christian Apologetics

One semester programme in Christian Apologetics
  • Online study
  • Continuing education, videreutdanning
  • 30 ECTS Credits
  • Autumn
Are you interested in an in-depth exploration of Christian Apologetics? Are you interested in the credibility and relevance of the Christian faith in our time?

In the Autumn of 2022, we launched a brand new online English-speaking One Semester Programme in Christian Apologetics.

Relevance and aim

The course is especially relevant for:

  • students in Theology who want a semester with elective courses in Christian Apologetics
  • former students of Communication and Worldviews programme (KL) who want dig deeper into the area of Christian Apologetics
  • international students interested in Christian Apologetics
  • Christian communicators (pastors, evangelists, youth workers, faith educators, and media communicators) who are engaged in Apologetics

The one semester programme in Christian Apologetics is for Christian communicators who want to critically reflect on key apologetic methods, challenges and opportunities in today's post-Christian, secular, and pluralistic context. Supported by the offer of local and/or digital sessions, this programme takes a holistic approach to Christian apologetics, and offers an opportunity to explore key approaches to argumentation and other aspects of rhetoric in apologetics, to engage with a canon of key apologetic issues, and to do so in the context of competing worldviews in contemporary popular culture.


The one semester programme gives opportunity for a deeper exploration of Christian apologetics, which in total offers:

  • An understanding of method, argument, and rhetoric in Christian apologetics
  • A broad perspective on key challenges, and on the “canon” of issues and topics for Christian apologetics
  • An in-depth, independent work on a specific issue/topic
  • Practice in communicating the Christian faith in different formats and on various arenas.


Teaching methods

Both course modules are offered online. The curricula are introduced through web lessons, with a variety of online learning resources.

The 3KL220N includes the offer of five digital / local sessions. The sessions will make use of a flipped classroom approach, with presentations and interactive discussions, involving both faculty and students.

The 3KL221N course includes the offer of eight digital/local sessions with lectures and workshops. The workshops will focus on presentation of and response to proposed projects.

The main focus of the 3K221N course will be developing and working on the project assignment, with supervision from lecturers.


The 3KL220N course has one coursework requirement:

A 1500-word (plus minus 20%) assignment with questions on each of the apologetic issues.

The final assessment in the 3KL220N course is a two-week home exam on a pre-assigned topic. The assignment is distributed at the beginning of the exam. The exam is comprised of a written paper of 3000 words (plus minus 20 %).

The 3KL221N course has two coursework requirements:

(a) A 1000-words (plus minus 20%) assignment with questions on the two first elements of the course, I.e., the role of argument and rhetoric in Christian apologetics, and the issue of the problem of evil.

(b) A project proposal in 500 words for the final essay, along with a proposed curriculum of 700 pages.

The final assessment in the 3KL221N course is comprised of two parts:

1) An essay of 3000 words (plus minus 20%) on a selected apologetic issue. (60 % of the final grade)

2) An oral presentation and defence of the final essay. (40% of the final grade)

Further information

The curricula for the courses are available online: