Oral examinations

Oral examinations will be held digitally via the Zoom tool, administered by the Academic Affairs Administration.

Written school examinations

Written school examinations will be replaced by digital school examinations at home, at the same time and with the same duration as an ordinary examination. Students sit the examination using equipment and at a place of their choice. This means that students are now allowed to use aids in the examination, and the exam questions will be adapted accordingly.

Practical examinations

Practical examinations will be held digitally. Any exceptions will be announced on Canvas.

Information on final assessment study year 2021-2022

Through the below links you can find guidelines and detailed information about examinations in the study year 2021-2022. Information about each of the exams can be found in Canvas.

Guidelines for oral examinations in Zoom

Absence from an examination: Self-certification form (corona-related absence)

Technical requirements for digital home examinations (written and oral)

Guidelines for school examinations at home

Guidelines for examination facilitation due to the corona situation

Referencing and citation guidelines for home examinations

Facilitation of examinations

Students with disabilities, students with special needs and students whose mother tongue is not Norwegian are entitled to appropriate individual facilitation. Special issues associated with the coronavirus situation can also constitute grounds for facilitation.

Such facilitation can be provided in the form of extended time, information to the examiner about reading and writing difficulties, having the examination question paper read out or similar.

You can find more information and contact information at Rights and duties – NLA and Guidelines for examination facilitation due to the coronavirus situation.

The deadline for applications for facilitation in the spring semester is 15 February. Should the need for facilitation arise after the application deadline, the application must be sent without undue delay after such need has arisen. Contact one of the study advisors, view this page.