How to apply?

It is recommended to start planning your semester abroad approximately 6-9 months before travelling. There are three steps in the application process.
  1. Application to NLA

    You apply through SøknadWeb. The deadlines for application are February 15 for the autumn semester and September 15 for the spring semester.

    When International Office has checked that you are qualified for a semester abroad, you should start working on the steps 2 and 3 simultaneously.
  2. Pre-approval of the courses

    It is necessary that the courses you plan to take abroad are pre-approved by NLA. The pre-approval procedure guarantees that the courses taken abroad will be approved as a part of your degree at NLA when returning to Norway.

    You may contact International Office or your study programme coordinator for guidance about pre-approval of courses.

    You should use this form to apply for pre-approval of courses. Course descriptions must be attached.

    Deadlines for submitting the pre-approval application:
    April 1 for the autumn semester
    October 15 for the spring semester

  3. Application to the host institution

    Once you are qualified for a semester abroad, NLA will contact the host institution and nominate you as a candidate. Normally you will after that receive information about how to proceed with your application to the host institution. The application procedure, requirements and deadlines may vary. It is important that you find out what applies to your situation.

    Once you have received an admission letter from the host institution, please send it to International Office for registration purposes.