Filming examinations

The main rule is that filming students during examinations is not permitted at NLA University College. However, exceptions may be granted. This applies in particular to practical group exams where students wish to have a recording of a drama performance or a music presentation, for example, as a reminder of their student days.

Applications to film these types of exams may be approved in line with the following criteria:

·  Students who want to film a final assessment can contact the Office of the Registrar, which will then check with the person with course responsibility whether this is in order.

·  Consent must be obtained from everyone who will be filmed as part of the final assessment.

·  Students must sign a consent form, and a scanned version must be attached to the online application form (see the links below).

·  Students are themselves responsible for the film recording.

·  The film is only available to those involved.

·  The film recording is for the students’ personal use, and cannot form the basis for an appeal.

·  The person with course responsibility can refuse students permission to make a film recording if this is not advisable based on available resources or other considerations.

·  Filming is not permitted during the final assessment if information about personal matters or confidential information could come to light.

Here is the form that students must sign to give their consent to filming.

Use the online form to apply for permission to film, and attach the completed form with signatures to the application.


·       Consent form for filming during an exam