More about examination

What do you do if you fall ill before the exam? Or if you need exam access arrangements? Do you have questions about how grades are determined and when the examination result will be announced? Do you want an explanation of a grade, or to appeal a grade? Here are links to more information.

Illness on the day of the examination

You can read about the rules for new/re-scheduled exams, and documentation requirements here: Exam registration and deregistration - NLA
You will find rules for withdrawal from a written exam here:
Rules for written on-campus examinations - NLA

Exam access arrangements

Information about exam access arrangements and how to apply for these.

Grading scale and exam results

Information about the grading scale and exam results. 

Explanation of grade and appeals 

You have the right to request an explanation of your grade, and to appeal the grade in most cases. Read more about this here: Explanation of grade and appeals - NLA 

Examination offences and plagiarism 

NLA University College takes examination offences and plagiarism seriously. Read more here. 

Filming examinations

If you want to film an exam, you must obtain permission beforehand. Read more here.

Improving your grade

If you have passed a course and want to try and improve your grade, you can do this by sitting a new ordinary exam. Read more about this here: Improving your grade - NLA 

Decentralised examinations

Read more about this here: Decentralised examinations - NLA