Written examination guidelines

These guidelines apply to written digital exams that are held in an exam room on campus. Some mathematics exams are conducted in the traditional way, using pen and paper. See the special rules on this in the link at the bottom of the page.

You must take the following to the exam

·  Valid ID (student identity card, bank card with photo, driving licence) 

·  A laptop 

·  Permitted aids

Attendance and start of the exam

·  Exams normally start at 9.00 am. You must arrive at the exam room by 8.30 am. If you arrive after 8.30 am, you risk being registered after the exam has started.

·  You will be assigned a candidate number in the exam room. You will then sign for this number and show your ID. You must keep your ID on your desk throughout the exam.

·  If you arrive more than an hour after the exam has started, you will not be allowed to sit it.

·  If you do not arrive on time, and NLA has not approved your absence, this will count as one examination attempt. You will not then be entitled to sit a new/re-scheduled exam, and must wait until the next ordinary course exam is held.

·  After you have registered, you can only leave the exam room accompanied by an invigilator.

You may have the following items at your desk

You can have stationery, a laptop in the case of digital exams, permitted aids and food/drink at your desk. Leave your outerwear in the cloakroom or in the designated place. Mobile phones, smart watches and other devices that can be connected to the internet must be switched off and placed in the designated place in the exam room. Wristwatches are also not permitted.

Permitted aids

The course plan indicates which aids are permitted. Any use or possession of aids that are not permitted is considered attempted cheating. The invigilators may check which aids are being used at any time during the exam. You are responsible for bringing permitted aids to written exams held on campus. 

Silence in the exam room

There must be silence in the exam room. Talking to other students during the exam is not permitted. If you have any questions, ask an invigilator. 

Taking breaks

Each invigilator can accompany up to two students out of the exam room. Students must return to the exam room within 10 minutes. You can buy something in the canteen but cannot stay there. Smoking is only permitted in the designated smoking areas. You must not discuss the exam questions during breaks.

Withdrawing from an exam

·  You cannot submit your exam paper or withdraw from the exam until at least one hour has passed.

·  If you complete the exam before the designated time, you must leave the room.

·  If you terminate the exam due to illness, you must complete the withdrawal form before leaving the premises. To be eligible to resit the exam, you must submit documentation of valid absence within one week.

·  If you submit your answer paper before you leave the exam room, you cannot take a re-scheduled exam on the grounds of illness.

·  Candidates who finish the exam before half the allocated time has passed are not permitted to take the exam paper with them.

The rules on exams using pen and paper are available here:
Examinations using pen and paper - NLA