Improving your grade

·  If you have passed a course and want to try and improve your grade, you can do this by sitting a new ordinary exam.

·  Your best grade will be entered in your grade transcript/on your diploma.

·  If you are still registered as a student, you should register for a new exam in Studentweb. 

·  If you have already completed a study programme, you have the right to be admitted to a study programme if you want to try and improve your marks for individual exams. This right remains valid for up to two years after completion of your study programme. You must contact the student adviser for the study programme in order to reactivate your student status. Once this has been done, you should register for the exam in Studentweb. Remember the pre-registration deadlines: 1 September for exams registered for the autumn semester and 1 February for exams registered for the spring semester.

·  If the course plan was changed after you last took the exam, you can apply to the examination coordinator before the registration deadline to request to be examined based on the old course plan. Contact the student adviser for your study programme if you have any questions about course plans.