Submission of take-home examinations

The submission process for take-home exams normally lasts several days. In the case of portfolio exams and specialist papers, the questions are normally known well in advance. In ordinary take-home exams, the questions are published in Inspera. For special rules regarding the submission of master’s theses, see the links further down on this page.

·  Take-home exams and other exams are submitted via Inspera.

·  Answer papers must be submitted in PDF format, unless otherwise specified in Canvas.

·  The deadline will be announced in Studentweb in good time before the exam. 

·  Candidate numbers are published in Studentweb at least a few days before the exam.

Good advice for submitting exams

·  Give a clear explanation of the key concepts/terms presented in the exam paper.

·  Refer to factual knowledge within the relevant field.

·  Demonstrate independent reflection on the questions raised in the exam paper.

·  Show that you actually understand the content of the sources and references you are using in the exam.

·  Always check that your answers are within the scope of the exam question.

·  Refer to sources in a way that the reader can see what are your own thoughts and arguments, and what is taken from other people’s work. Be careful when paraphrasing that what you write is not too close to the original text, both in terms of wording and the order of elements in the text. If it is necessary to follow the same order, you must refer to the source in the running text. See online resources for source citation in your course page in Canvas. If you have questions about source citation, you should contact the library. 

Special rules for submitting bachelor’s and master’s theses

·  Bachelor’s theses

·  Rules and deadlines for master’s theses

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